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(table + power-sockets + beer) x (people who do not want to hack alone)

upcoming hacktables

hacktables are numbered in order of appearence, not chronologically. "time doesn't exist. clocks exist."

hacktable #12: sun, sep 25, 16h, hamburg, kopiba. play framework special by @jensfischerhh & @sven_kr w/ demo by @mirouhh.#hktbl12

hacktable #11: sun, oct ??, 16h, hamburg, kopiba. processing special (more info on the way…).#hktbl11

hacktable #7: cologne (date and place still in the making). #hktbl7

(see past hacktables)

Q: what is a hacktable?

A: hacktable =
(table + power-sockets + beer) x (people who do not want to hack alone)

hacktables start at 16h and are open for everybody to join and do all kinds of work or just hang out.

Q: why do hacktables start at 16h?

A: because there is a german saying "kein bier vor vier" - meaning "no beer before four o'clock". besides... that thing with the early bird? never really worked out...

Q: who is organizing hacktables?

A: you. easiest way is to reserve a table at a bar (preferably with wifi) and bring a couple of power-sockets and -extensions. once your place is set, notify @hacktable and get your hacktag hashtag.

Q: what if i don't write code?

A: hack something else. hack everything. where one has plan, pen and paper, hacking is. there is no agenda or a plan. work on something you love or check out what other people do. (see?)

Q: how do i get my pictures in the photostream?

A: actually, they go there by themselves. all pics shared via twitter and tagged correctly (eg #hktbl42) are grabbed automatically. yeah, via magic. thx, @sven_kr!

Q: how do i submit posts of my hacktable to the blog?

A: if you post on tumblr, we can just reblog it. please check here on what would be nice to include in the post and send us the link.

see you soon. want to drop us a note? twitter.com/hacktable

past hacktables

hacktable #10: sun, july 24, 16:30h, hamburg, kopiba. agile design camp special.#hktbl10 / #adc11

hacktable #9: sat, july 30, 16h, hamburg, kopiba. #hktbl9

hacktable #8: sun, july 17, 16h, hamburg, kopiba. arduino special by @sven_kr.#hktbl8. what happened?

hacktable #6: sun, june 12, 16h, hamburg, kopiba. #hktbl6

hacktable #3: fr, june 10, 16h, berlin, ramones museum / café mania. #hktbl3

hacktable #5: saturday, june 4th, 16h, greenville, sc, orange coat. #hktbl5. what happened?

hacktable #4: thu, june 2, 16h, hamburg, @kopiba. #hktbl4. what happened?

hacktable #2: so, may 29, 16h, hamburg, @kopiba. #hktbl2. what happened?

hacktable #1: sa, may 21st, 16h, hamburg, @kopiba. #hktbl1. what happened?

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